Lower Back Bay

Back Bay


The Lower Back Bay virtually screams prestige. Nudging up against Beacon Hill on the banks of the Charles River, Lower Back Bay is one of the the city’s premier sub-neighborhoods. “Lower” addresses on Comm Ave, Marlborough and Beacon Streets provide a canvas for the “who’s who” of Boston to make their lavish abodes.


Bounded by the Charles River to the north, Lower Back Bay’s western edge runs along Dartmouth Street from the river to Stuart street, which forms its southern boundary. Its eastern edge runs along Arlington Street from the river to Boylston, where it juts eastward to Charles Street. In this corner it adds three prestigious, full-service condominium complexes in One Charles, the Four Seasons Residences and the Heritage on the Garden.


The premium to live in the Lower Back Bay versus other areas continued to expand in 2021. In 2021, the volume of transactions over $2M in Lower Back Bay doubled in sales volume to $368,205,886 from $182,391,000 in total sales in 2020. That volume comprised 66 total transactions, a 57% increase versus 2020.

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