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The neighborhood of Eight Streets has rather rapidly developed into one of Boston’s most sought-after – and for good reason. Situated in the South End’s vibrant heart, Eight Streets boasts the best of both worlds: quiet, brownstone-lined streets alongside a vibrant commercial hub teeming with boutiques, distinctive restaurants, and cultural gems large and small.

Explore the Neighborhood: Eight Streets

Ready to fall in love with Jamie Gaines’ favorite South End neighborhood? Welcome to the Eight Streets!

Situated in the center of the South End, this neighborhood is divided by 8 streets from Dwight to Upton between Tremont and Shawmut. This neighborhood provides the best of both worlds: quiet, brownstone-lined streets and direct access to the South End’s best shopping and restaurant options on Tremont & Shawmut Ave! Plus, go to one of Jamie’s favorite restaurant in the city, Kava, located on the corner of Shawmut & Union Park.



Though it’s affectionately known as “Eight Streets,” this neighborhood actually encompasses more than that. The Eight Streets official boundaries include all of Dwight, Taylor, Milford, Bond, Hanson, and Ringgold Streets. Eight Streets also contains Waltham Avenue, from Tremont to Washington Street. Shawmut Avenue and the evenly-numbered side of Tremont Street are also included, both running from East Berkeley to the alley between Waltham and Union Park. Where Shawmut is concerned, Eight Streets contains number 211 through 304 (even and odd); the neighborhood also comprises 500 through 560 Tremont, evens only. Finally, Eight Streets encapsulates the odd side of East Berkeley Street, from Tremont to Shawmut (numbers 1-65).

It’s worth noting that our definition of this sub-neighborhood includes a few significant additions: Upton Street, Bradford Street, and Union Park. Because these streets align with the culture of 8 Streets, we mention them here and include them in our Eight Streets market data reporting.

Neighborhood Specialists


The area had 30 sales over $2M in 2022, an increase of 50% year over year (20 sales in 2021). The average price per square foot for Eight Streets was $1,303, a 6.1% increase from $1,223 in 2021.

Union Park continues to be the line leader for the South End overall and the 8 Streets area more specifically. 39 Union Park spent time on the market this year for $12.5M but never sold.

The top sale this year in the Eight Streets was the single family at 14 Union Park. This building traded for $8,550,000, or $1,613/SF. Notably, this was an off-market transaction.

As we kick off 2023, a new building located at 24 Union Park has been quietly announced as available for $13.75M! Just a reminder that if you want to get your hands on a prestigious brownstone property in the South End, you better have the right broker working for you!


One of the perks of this neighborhood is its access to local parks. Ringgold Park is a hidden gem in the South End located between Waltham and Hanson streets. This park is THE destination for kids under 5 in the South End with its many playground amusements… from jungle gyms and swings to a basketball court and toys. Ringgold Park is known to be locals’ go to park for Halloween, too.

Another park in the Eight Streets neighborhood is Peter’s Park. This is a larger park featuring a tennis court, a baseball field, basketball and the South End’s largest dog park. The dog park at Peter’s Park is known for being the first city-sanctioned dog park in Boston. The park is maintained by the Friends of Peter’s Park and kept in near pristine condition. These parks add to the value of the neighborhood and make it the coveted location that it is.

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