Back Bay


The Prudential area is defined by its namesake commercial complex, the Prudential Center. This largely commercial neighborhood features a mix of old and new developments, and a variety of attractions that make for a quintessentially cosmopolitan lifestyle. 


Nestled in between the Upper Back Bay, Copley, and St. Botolph sub-neighborhoods, Prudential’s northern boundary runs along Boylston Street between Massachusetts Avenue and Exeter, which bound it on the west and east. Huntington Avenue, also from Massachusetts to Exeter, comprises its southern boundary.

One Dalton, Four Seasons Boston


The Prudential sub-market is most well known for its high-end, full service properties, several of which are branded with international hotel flags. These full service buildings exist in both condominium form as well as apartments for rent. The Prudential sub-market has led the city in pricing for many years.

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