The Flat of the Hill

Beacon Hill


Quite literally situated on the flat of Beacon Hill, this elegant district runs parallel to the Charles River. Where commuters now buzz east and west on Storrow Drive, the river formerly banked. In fact, the Charles River flats extended into most of the now posh Flat of the Hill neighborhood. As landfill took the place of the former river bed, carriage houses and stables of wealthy Bostonians who lived on the actual hill popped up across the Flats. These structures have since been converted into a diverse array of appealing residences – including the charming Row Houses of Beaver Place, Byron Street, Chestnut Street and Brimmer.


Steeped in history, the Flat of the Hill flanks such landmarks as the Charles Street Meeting House, the Church of the Advent, and the Sunflower Castle. The Meeting House, our country’s first integrated church, ensures that this neighborhood remains steeped in history, while a host of cozy restaurants, bakeries, and pubs keeps the district modern, too.


There were 14 sales in the Flat of the Hill in 2023, which was a drop from 19 sales in 2022 and an even further drop from 20 in 2021. Bringing in $89,973,000 of sales volume this sub-neighborhood contributed 35.05% to Beacon Hill volume overall and was actually up from the $66M it was able to produce last year. The average price per square foot rose dramatically from $1,399 in 2022 to $1,947.89 in 2023.

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