South End


There are eight streets (not to be confused with THE Eight Streets!) in the South End that are designated as a “park” or “square.” Five of those are present in the Claremont neighborhood. Rutland and Concord Squares are prominent while namesake “Claremont Park’’ and parallel Greenwich Park intersect with the Southwest Corridor but do not actually feature a park/square in the middle of the street like the others. While they lack the park feature in the middle, these streets do have extra wide brick sidewalks which make a stroll (or a stoop session with neighbors) that much more pleasant. These feature streets are coveted by buyers as they add to the character of an already charming neighborhood.

Jamie's South End Series: Claremont

Green spaces are what make Claremont special, plus easy access to few T stops is more than you can say for most South End neighborhoods. Rutland and Concord Squares are prominent streets that have the quintessential “square” in the middle. While The Namesake “Claremont Park’’and parallel Greenwich Park do not actually feature a park/square in the middle of the street like the others, but back up to the SW Corridor! Plus, Claremont Park is a particularly special street, with the largest sidewalks in all of the south end! Another fixture within the neighborhood is Titus Sparrow Park which hosts events throughout the year. 



Columbus Ave runs directly through Claremont Neighborhood, which is enclosed by West Newton Street, Tremont Street, Camden Street, and the narrow Southwest Corridor Park. Green spaces characterize the neighborhood, and easy access to a few T stops means you’re never far from all that Boston has to offer. With Symphony Hall and the New England Conservatory as Claremont’s esteemed neighbors, you’re in good company in this unique Boston neighborhood.


In 2022, there were 20 sales over $2M in Claremont. Combined, these sales amounted to $62.9M making up 12.84% of the South End sales volume. The average price per square foot increased from $1,206 in 2021 to $1,329 this year. This gain was driven in large part by a handful of new construction brownstones that delivered to the market in 2022.

What's Coming...

On the development front, a contentious but significant luxury condominium project was approved by the BPDA at the tail end of the year in 2019. After months of polarizing community meetings, New Boston Ventures demolished the old USES building on the corner of Columbus Avenue and Mass Avenue. It will be replaced by 66 luxury condos. Many of the residential units in this development will be smaller than the typical new construction we’ve seen in the city over the last handful of years. The project will also have retail and community space built into it. This development should come online for residents to occupy in very early 2023.

Not quite as far along in the approval process but similarly large in scope, a project is proposed on Worcester Street by LIHC Investment Group. This developer would build 50,000+ SF of residential property on an existing parking lot between Columbus Ave and Tremont Street. Neighbors are pushing back to limit the project’s reach and impact on the existing properties and streetscape.

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