Louisburg Square

Beacon Hill


When seeking out the best of the best in city living, it’s hard to beat (not to mention, afford) the ever- aspirational Louisburg Square. It’s a tiny area that claims its own neighborhood within a neighborhood status. Indeed, Louisburg Square is not just a top “neighborhood” in Boston but a top street in the country! Louisburg Square, tucked in the heart of storied Beacon Hill, is not just a top “neighborhood” in Boston but a top street in the country! The district’s elegant character is enhanced by some of the most stately homes in Boston, including legendary six-level single-family homes.



Louisburg Square lies in the center of the Beacon Hill Neighborhood, and sits flanked between Willow Street and West Cedar Street, with Pinckney Street to the north. Steps away from the old Charles Meeting House and the always-buzzing Paramount Restaurant, Louisburg Square is truly the center of Beacon Hill. The Boston Common is two short blocks to the south, and the city’s financial district is located conveniently (10 minute walk) to the east.


Would you believe that before the homes on this land were selling for $10’s of millions of dollars, this was “pasture acreage” in colonial Boston? Louisburg Square’s residential history begins in 1826 when a partition deed laid out a plan in which a central park and adjacent streets would be owned by the founding neighbors, hereafter known as the Proprietors of Louisburg Square. This group of 28 home owners is referenced as one of the earliest examples of a homeowner’s association in the country.


As one might expect, the sales in this area are typically limited. In 2021, there were 5 sales in this area, besting the 3 deals done here in 2020. To be fair, two of these sales were on W. Cedar Street which is included in our Louisburg data set even though they’re not directly on the square. As we move into 2022 activity here looks to be less active with zero properties on the market to start the year.

On average, one will find that the townhouses around Louisburg Square run about 24 feet wide by 80 feet deep. The units on the lower side of the hill tend to be a little deeper and a little wider… of course, the units on the upper side of the hill tend to have better views as you get toward the top floor and roof. Residents are afforded the right to park on the square itself, a rare treat to have direct access parking in this area. Though perhaps not as prominent of an address, the handful of townhouses that face Louisburg Square on Pinckney Street are most certainly cherished. The last sale of one of these occurred in 2011.

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