1 February
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The 13 Villages of Newton | By Emma Kaloupek

When looking for where to live in Massachusetts many people hone in on the city of Newton due to its proximity to the regional economic hub of  Boston as well as its top ranked public education system. But did you know that Newton is comprised of thirteen unique villages?



I have been a resident of Newton all of my life and I know each village inside and out. Every area has its own distinct ‘personality’ and it’s important to know what each village has to offer before making a move to Newton.


1. Auburndale

The village of Auburndale is particularly special to me given that I was born and raised here. Known as “the dale” to locals, this village appeals to many given its proximity to the Mass Pike, as well as its options for public transportation. Whether you want to take the Commuter Rail to downtown Boston or the Green Line to another village of Newton, Auburndale has you covered. It’s also one of the few villages that contains a college (Lasell University) which bodes well for the local shops, bars and restaurants. If you ever find yourself in this village, make sure you check out Wally’s Ice Cream, my old workplace of 6 years!

2. Newton Centre

Newton Centre (yes, Centre, not Center) contains the largest downtown area of all the villages. And, as the name suggests, it really is the geographic and cultural hub of the city. From small boutiques to well-known cafes and restaurants, Newton Centre is a highly desirable place to live and the price tags on the houses are indicative of that demand. In 2023, the average sale price for a single family home in this village was just over $2M. Besides the proximity to a downtown-like area, Newton Centre sits on the Green Line, making access to downtown Boston a breeze. 

3. Thompsonville

Thompsonville is notoriously known as the forgotten village, likely because it does not have a downtown area and is only home to about 3,000 residents. The small community plus the easy access to Route 9 are what make this village desirable. There was not a single residential sale in Thompsonville in 2023 which is on trend with what the village has seen in terms of real estate transactions for the past few years. In fact, there have only been 3 sales since 2020. Residents of this area are happy to be part of this lesser known village and have little desire to leave!

4. Chestnut Hill

The most unique thing about this village is that Newton is not the only city that contains some of this beloved neighborhood. The area of Chestnut Hill reaches as far east as Brookline, as far south as West Roxbury and as far west as Newton. Known for its historic mansions and high-end retail developments, this area of Newton is highly sought after and competitively priced. In 2023, the average home price for a single family in Chestnut Hill was just under $2.6M, making it one of the most expensive villages in Newton.

5. Nonantum

Otherwise known as “the lake,” Nonantum is known for its incredibly close knit community, its Italian-American heritage, and its annual St. Mary’s Day parade. Nonantum remains the most densely populated village of Newton and offers its residents quick access to the Charles River, the Mass Pike, many local eateries, and a more modest home price. In 2023, only one single family sold in Nonantum at a price of $600k and an additional 3 condos traded for an average price of $1M, or $625/sq. ft.

6. Newtonville

Newtonville has become a focal point for real estate developers, both commercial and residential, over the past few years given its proximity to the Mass Pike, its access to public transit, and the fact that one of the two Newton high schools is located in this village. As of 2024, the sticker price for a house in Newtonville is slightly lower than some of the other villages but that is likely to change as new developments continue to pop up. In 2023, the average price for a single family home was just under $1.5M. 

7.  West Newton

The most notable landmark in West Newton is Brae Burn Country Club, which is known to be one of the most prestigious yet family friendly country clubs in the Northeast. Traveling more towards the heart of this village, you’ll find the charming West Newton Cinema which has been in operation since 1978 and has become a landmark of the neighborhood. One of Newton’s latest affordable housing proposals is centered around the West Newton Armory. Work to turn this outdated structure into 43 affordable housing units is set to begin in 2025. In 2023, the average home price in West Newton was just under $2M, a number largely driven by homes sold in the very affluent area of West Newton Hill.

8. Waban

Located on the western edge of Newton, Waban offers a suburban lifestyle, a close-knit community, a quaint commercial center and a local Green line stop. This highly desirable area is home to two out of the fifteen elementary schools of Newton as well as Newton-Wellesley Hospital, the hospital where many Newton residents were born (myself included!). While it’s smaller than most other villages in terms of square footage, if you’re looking to move to Waban, you can expect to pay an average of $555/sq. ft. or an average or $2.6M for a single family house which is one of the highest price points within the city of Newton.

9. Newton Upper Falls

Newton Upper Falls was one of the six original villages of Newton and is appealing to many given its historic landmarks, its proximity to Needham & Wellesley and its access to the Green Line. There are approved plans for a massive 23-acre, 14 building development in Newton Upper Falls but there has been little information about this development since March 2022. Northland Newton Development (NND) would add 140 affordable units to this village, on top of 180,000SF of office space and 115,000SF retail space. The average sale price for this neighborhood was $980k, making it one of the more affordable villages of Newton.

10. Newton Lower Falls

Flooded with history, what makes this village the most unique is the fact that it is bordered by the Charles River on 3 out of 4 sides. It also contains the oldest standing church in all of Newton! The “downtown” area of this village is less impressive than those of other villages which is reflected in the average single family sale price in this area. In 2023, 8 houses sold for an average sale price of $1.6M.

11. Newton Highlands

Known as a family friendly community with Victorian style homes and a robust strip of restaurants and shops, Newton Highlands is definitely a sought after village of Newton. While the average sale price of a home in this neighborhood in 2023 was just over $1.5M, all but 3 of the 24 sales were over $1.1M. 

12. Newton Corner

What it lacks in restaurants and shops, it makes up for in convenience. Bordered by Boston to the east, a Mass Pike entrance/exit ramp to the north and Boston College to the south, this area of Newton is incredibly family friendly and is a great spot to settle down for someone who works along I-90. The signature hotel that’s built over the Pike is a staple reference point for the area. This village also contains the coveted area of Hunnewell Hill, a highly desirable sub-neighborhood of Newton. In 2023, the average sale price of a single family home in Newton Corner was $1.7M. 

13.  Oak Hill

This vibrant village of Newton is located at the southernmost part of the city and was originally built exclusively for veterans returning from World War II. Oak Hill contains more green space than most other villages given its delay of development but is also home to many public and private schools including Mount Ida college, Memorial Spaulding Elementary, Oak Hill Middle School, Brown Middle School and Newton South High School. The area is less densely populated with this smattering of institutional uses in addition to another private golf club, Charles River CC.


If you’re thinking about a move to the reputable city of Newton and are looking for some more first hand knowledge of each area, reach out! I take great pride in my hometown.