16 February
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2021: Introducing our Annual Report | By Rachel Bakish

Thank you for your interest in our third annual “Boston Luxury Real Estate Review.”

As we wrote our report in late 2019 and early 2020, little did we know what was looming ahead of us! Alas, here we are a year later and looking at a market that is, by most accounts, quite different. Still, all is not lost and do not be fooled into thinking Boston’s luxury real estate market has disappeared! We hope you’ll learn something in the following pages that you could not have otherwise deciphered anywhere else on the planet!

We are a boutique real estate agency that takes immense pride in sourcing and analyzing the data that drives our market. We believe that when real estate consumers are presented with a complete and robust spread of data, in conjunction with their personal style and preferences, decisions on buying and selling can be reached with the most confidence. Thus, we labor to create a report that is not otherwise available. A detailed view of the micro neighborhoods that form the lovable composition which is downtown Boston. We’re aware there are no shortage of places to find statistics on this market but the following pages present Boston’s residential real estate market from $2M and up, exclusively. In other words, we ignore all sales under $2M for the purpose of offering an exhaustive focus on the true luxury Boston real estate market.

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This report equips high end consumers with digestible data from each hyperlocal pocket of Boston proper. While it’s not a perfect analog for lower priced sales data (or the overall Boston market), there are still valuable takeaways for those consumers who are shopping at lesser price points. Dig into these pages to learn where the volume and velocity in our market are happening today and what we might expect in the year ahead. As always, we welcome your feedback and inquiries.