3 October
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The classic brownstone row houses that line the streets of historic Back Bay, Beacon Hill and South End are known for their famous bay windows that bring architectural interest, light and a feeling of elegance to the home. You are doing your interiors a disservice if you aren’t getting a great visual “pop” from your bay window, but the unique shape can feel like an awkward space that is difficult to decorate. Fortunately, our listing at 112 W Concord Street has plenty of design inspiration for your bay windows!

Maximizing Light & Height

Living Room Bay Window at 112 W Concord St.

The larger sectional couch defines the space created by this bay window, while the plants behind add depth. This combination creates a comfortable living area to socialize and entertain in. The vaulted ceiling adds color and height to the room creating a unique effect unlike anything we have seen in the South End!

 Creating a Space to Lounge

Master Bed Bay Window at 112 W Concord St.

It’s rare to have a city master suite that is as large as this one. The bay window in the room is accentuated by the sofa in front of it, offering a relaxing space to retire to after a long day. In the morning, the bay window soaks this lounge area in natural light, creating the perfect space to curl up with a good book.

Designing a Conversational Nook

Second Bed Bay Window at 112 W Concord St.

This inviting seating arrangement is only possible due to the bay window within this large second bedroom. The smaller furniture doesn’t block the window, but still allows you to sit within the bay window area, and enjoy the view/light. The Roman shades allows for two different looks: when the shades are pulled up, the blinds gather in neat-looking pleats, and when dropped down, they offer a lovely window covering, with a pattern that compliments the seating area.


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