30 April
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From Renderings to Reality: Selling your New Construction Build | By Rachel Bakish

At Columbus & Over Group we are programmed with an institutional service lens to assist developers and investors who want to maximize the proceeds of their condominium sell outs while offering exceptional reporting and tangible feedback to their limited partners.

Rendering vs. Reality in the kitchen at 121 Warren Avenue

Through our experience selling new condominium developments, we’ve learned developers can capitalize on three lynchpin phases of the new construction sales process. Two of these phases take place before you can capture the kind of photos that a traditional real estate agent would depend on to sell: 

Phase 1: Before/during the earliest stages of “Ground Breaking.”

Phase 2: When framing is complete, but before drywalling commences.

During these first two phases of the construction journey it is possible to create momentum and maximize seller proceeds. The agent must take the initiative and control to steer the ship with care and balance. Done incorrectly, the seas can become choppy for the remainder of the ride. 

From permitting to design and throughout construction, we engage with our clients each step of the way to bolster and support their development efforts. Let’s dive into the importance of photorealistic renderings that are strategically designed to capture buyer’s attention.

Why do I need renderings to sell my development?

Photorealistic renderings are the unsung heroes of pre-construction marketing. These images serve as the cornerstone of your marketing arsenal until the property is ready for the finishes and staging. They paint a vivid picture of how the unit will look in the future, transforming blueprints into aspirational spaces for buyers. So, why *exactly* do you need renderings? Because when it comes to selling property, perception is everything and renderings are your ticket to shaping buyer perception in your favor right out of the gate. Done well, renderings pull buyers away from existing homes and lure them into the enchanting land of new builds. Who wants to live in someone else’s home if they can have their own home that’s never been occupied? BUT… Most serious buyers do not want to wait a 6, 8 or 12 months to occupy their new home. The renderings convince buyers that the dream is not as far away as it may feel… and this is what converts buyers earlier in the process ultimately limiting carry costs after the certificate of occupancy is achieved.

Rendering vs. Reality at the entry of 121 Warren Avenue

How many spaces do I need to render to help my development’s marketing efforts? Everything?

While every now and then you’ll get a buyer that sees your vision immediately, most buyers have a hard time imagining a space from blueprints. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune rendering out the whole space. In fact, we know which 4-7 images, depending on the property type, that you need to execute to ensure that your investment in renderings is maximized at the highest margin. Once you have these key spaces brought to life, you have everything you need to transform passive viewers into active participants, turning curiosity into desire, and ultimately, converting clicks into contracts.

Rendering vs. Reality in the primary bathroom of 121 Warren Avenue

What is the timeline for developing renderings & starting the marketing process?

While the delivery of a set of perfect renderings hinges on feedback time from your architects & other partners, typically the process takes 6-8 weeks.  Our dynamic, in-house team of marketing and sales professionals will work tirelessly to ensure your renderings are not only top-notch but also delivered as soon as possible. We recommend getting this process started as soon as possible, because once they are ready we can start pre-marketing, which leads to the highest number of direct deals – ultimately saving you money and leading to the greatest possible ROI on your project. Whenever you start, we’ll be by your side every step of the way, guiding you through the maze of pre-construction marketing with finesse and expertise gained through experience.

Rendering vs. Reality of the den & deck of 121 Warren Avenue

Ready to talk about your project?
Every assignment we take on is professionally branded and thoughtfully executed by our dynamic, in-house team of marketing and sales professionals. Our deep experience in the core luxury residential markets of the city helps to craft an aura of excellence around each new project we take on. We offer an up-front valuation analysis to help developers understand both back end pricing and unit composition. 

Call Jeff or any one of our sales team members to begin a conversation. We’d love to speak with you.