19 April
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Most Dynamic Continuous 3 Miles of Urban Waterfront: The Boston Harbor Walk | By Maya Michalewicz

For years, I’ve said, if you haven’t been to the Seaport in the last 3-4 months, you’ve missed a lot. Now, after 15+ years of building, building, building, we’ve made it! No one will deny that this period of development has been a little confusing and not all together seamless as far as building a community and a neighborhood. It’s almost like there’s the Seaport and then there’s Boston… It’s been nearly as divergent to core Boston as Cambridge is. 

Well, we’re heading into the summer of 2023 and I’m here to tell you that Boston’s Seaport, conceived and initiated more than 20 years ago, is ALIVE like it’s never been before. Do yourself a favor and make plans to check it out this summer!

Look, I assure you that nothing is perfect and the Seaport may not be the end-all be-all for every individual. That said, it brings an incredible amount to a city that could use more, especially in terms of fun. Starting with the Boston Harbor Walk, which spans nearly 43 miles of coastline along Boston’s 47 mile waterfront… The Seaport contributes roughly 3 miles to this total and we will argue that it is, perhaps, the most dynamic continuous 3 miles of urban waterfront in the northeast.



From active fishing piers to towering glass buildings, you can watch sailboats, jet skis, ferry boats, yachts and even seaplanes taking off as you walk the water on a dazzling and newly built path.

This is truly a new land… and, while there’s still much more to come, it’s finally reached the tipping point that shows it off as a deep and dense neighborhood. One that has endless entertainment, walkability and, of course, housing!

On that front, the newest addition to the neighborhood is the St. Regis Residences. This 114 unit complex is the grand dame of them all. With some of the most enviable views, finishes and residential services in all of New England, this is real estate that must be seen to be believed. Get in touch with exclusive listing agent Columbus & Over Group to explore this stunning residential offering.