25 April
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State of the Seaport Luxury Market | By Jeff Hamilton

The Seaport is Boston’s newest, most fun and, whether you like it or not, the most expensive area to call home in Boston.

We’ve been tracking real estate data in this neighborhood over the years and have marveled at the growth not just physically (via endless construction) but also in terms of price point. The vast majority of the housing supply in the Seaport is made up of high rise buildings with loads of amenities and services. To summarize, these are the most notable condo buildings in the neighborhood.

There are many apartment buildings that have similar profiles to the condo buildings, albeit, with lesser finish packages for appliances, fixtures and finishes.

We’ve looked closely at the pricing of the most luxurious condos in the Seaport over the last 3+ years. The chart below demonstrates the density of these transactions across the condo buildings. You will see that $4,000 per square foot is the true beacon of top end pricing while $2,000 per square foot has settled in as almost ordinary in this dynamic market.


If you’re looking for an experience that is quite different from the traditional Boston brownstone existence, the Seaport is undoubtedly the place to be. The summer months are spectacular as the water comes alive with boats and activity.

Additionally, it’s virtually impossible to keep up with all the restaurant and entertainment offerings that have been added to the Seaport since Covid’s grasp relinquished. From Putt Shack (mini golf) and Kings (bowling) to Flight Club (darts) and Spin (ping pong)… And don’t forget the summer concert series at the 5,000 seat Leader Bank Pavilion. The list goes on and on… If Seaport is not one of your regular haunts in and around Boston, do yourself a favor and start making plans to see it now!

If our firm can help you find your way in this 21st century neighborhood, please let us know by reaching out to any of our local Boston agents!