14 June
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The ROI Associated with Blue Living | By Jeff Hamilton

Blue spaces have been found to offer a holistic array of health benefits for those lucky enough to inhabit them. A blue space can be characterized as any residential area that is situated in close proximity to a body of water. This can include smaller bodies of water such as local ponds or reservoirs, to larger bodies of water like Boston’s Charles River or Boston Harbor. 

Prevailing knowledge indicates that there are three main pathways in which blue spaces cater towards increased wellbeing and happiness:

  1. Beneficial environmental factors such as cleaner air, more access to sunlight 
  2. Increased physical activity due to the ease of access to water and vast amount of corresponding athletic activities 
  3. Psychologically restorative effect from calming nature of the water

These three pathways result in a plethora of more granular positive outcomes. Blue spaces are thought to place the brain into a state that encourages creativity, resilience and imagination. Additionally, increased sunlight that comes with living near the water aids in producing endorphins, which can help act as a pain reliever. Lastly, the negative ions in the salty air are beneficial for your breathing by helping you to absorb oxygen more efficiently. Wow… Wondering where you can find a property on the water yet?

Blue spaces have an inherent ability to connect with your senses, leading to maximized overall wellbeing. Nature sounds (i.e. the sound of water) have been discovered to subdue our body’s fight-or-flight response, which in turn elicits a relaxation-inducing response. Furthermore, water is thought to help increase one’s own internal awareness, which is effective in counteracting day-to-day stresses. 

To get the most out of blue living, you’ve got to max out your exposure to the water. Therefore, make sure you have the largest windows possible (floor to ceiling?) and views of the water from almost every room. This, in conjunction with living near salt water is what truly optimizes blue living. Maybe not surprisingly, one of the best “designed” blue spaces in Boston is the Seaport, where the salty aroma of the ocean practically resides at your doorstep. 

Not only has the Seaport become one of the most luxurious areas of Boston, but it can also provide a multitude of these tangible Blue Living health benefits if you find the right place to settle down. The ultimate opportunity exists at the newest and finest of them all: The St. Regis Residences. This 114 unit complex is the grand dame of waterfront living in Boston. With some of the most enviable views, finishes and residential services in all of New England, this is real estate that must be seen to be believed.


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