25 August
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Tips for Home Buying in Boston as a New Mom | By Rachel Bakish

Hey there, fellow new moms! As we embark on this incredible, exciting and sometimes scary new journey of parenthood, finding a place to call our home in Boston becomes an adventure of its own. Trust me, I get it – the search can be overwhelming!! But fear not, because I know what you should be looking for and I’ve got a little secret weapon that can help you land your dream home amidst all the competition, just like I did – so keep reading!


First, Find a Space with Room to Grow (Literally!)

First things first, space matters. I mean, who knew these tiny humans came with so much stuff, right? Bedrooms, play corners, a little outdoor space for their boundless energy – these are all things we’d want in a perfect world. Plus, space is hard to come by in Boston and we can’t just think about the now! We have to think ahead and find a place that can grow right along with your family too. Flexible spaces will be like a magical bonus for the times ahead.

Location is everything when you need to be everywhere. 

Don’t forget about the beauty of convenience! Imagine living close to schools, doctors, parks, and the grocery store – all within a hop, skip, and a stroller ride away. Being a mom is already a full-time job, so having everything nearby makes life a whole lot easier. Trust me, those spontaneous trips to the park will be a lifesaver when you’re in need of fresh air and toddler giggles.

But how do you actually get this with so much competition? 

Now, here’s the scoop. The real estate market can be a bit of a wild ride, especially for homes that fit our family needs. But guess what? Working with a local real estate agent that KNOWS what you need will go a long way to helping you find your dream home. Plus, they have got the magic key to off-market listings. Yep, that’s right – homes that aren’t even officially for sale yet. Talk about a head start in this house-hunting game! 


We can all use some help as we take on the role of homebuyer and supermom, so get the house hunting help you need. I live in Charlestown and know the ins and outs of this local Boston market, so if you want to find & buy your perfect place before anyone else even knows about it, then reach out.