9 August
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Where to get the biggest bang for your buck when buying a home in the core of Boston? | By Maya Michalewicz

Boston’s got character, history, and a real estate scene that’s become increasingly high end. From 2022 to 2023, the average sale price and dollars per square foot in Boston’s luxury real estate market catapulted higher even while sales volume hit the skids. There’s no lack of headlines about the dearth of housing inventory and, generally, luxury Boston is no exception. So, if you’re on the hunt for a place that gives you the best bang for your buck, it can be quite the search.

Q1 & Q2 $2M+ Sales in Boston Over the Past 5 Years


We dove into the sales numbers of Boston’s luxury housing market for the first half of the year over the past five years so we could share the insider’s scoop with you. Get ready to discover the sweet spot in the core of Boston where your hard-earned money stretches the farthest: 




Back Bay has claimed the highest volume of sales over $2 million for the past 5 years; however, Seaport’s average $/SF surpasses Back Bay by a rather wide margin, $2,402 compared to $1,981. The average $/SF for Midtown has increased by nearly 35% in the past two years, and today has a slightly higher average in comparison to Back Bay. We see these increasingly high average $/SF in Seaport and Midtown, with sales volume which do not reach those of Back Bay, South End, and Beacon Hill. These neighborhoods have smaller population bases and are mostly dominated by full service condo buildings built over the last 10 to 15 years that carry significant monthly condo fees.



With the transaction count and sales volume plummeting since 2022, it is surprising to see that the average $/SF has declined ever so slightly in the South End, especially because every other neighborhood has increased their average $/SF. 



If you’re looking for a relative deal in the city of Boston, explore moving to the South End which still affords you a central location but keeps your $/SF spend at nearly 15% less than the next most expensive area (Beacon Hill).



South End is likely to be where you will achieve the lowest price per square foot and thereby get the most house for your money! The median sales price in the first half of 2023 is significantly lower than the other core neighborhoods, though still not cheap, at $2,533,750. With a variety of brownstone layouts, there are an abundance of home options to meet household needs.  



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