19 July
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Boston Buildings Making a Splash this Summer | By Maya Michalewicz

With the weather heating up, you should check out these awesome buildings our @columbusandover clients have been enjoying. The common theme, they all feature dazzling pools:


Having a pool is the ultimate luxury city amenity in the summer. Click the property banners to dive deeper on any of these recent listings & transactions:


The amenities in this building are expansive, with 12,000 SF of space to enjoy, including the signature indoor/outdoor, hand-tiled infinity pool, overlooking the Boston Harbor. The space has accordion style doors that let the ocean breeze in, bringing the beach to you. The spa rooms, sports simulator, and gym, complement the pool while the expansive lounge area sits directly over the water as well. 


Being one of the only two competitive-length indoor pools in the center of Boston, this one also has stunning 360 views of the city. Its location makes it possible to enjoy this luxury in the middle of the work day. This pool is part of the residence-only fitness center at the Winthrop Center, which has a robust team of trainers to help residents reach their full potential. 


This former hotel, converted into residences, boasts the classic Back Bay charm. The courtyard is an urban oasis filled with greenery, making this a serene place to spend your summer months. In addition to spending time outside, you can also enjoy the fitness center. 


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