24 July
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How We Successfully Sold 333 Savin Hill Ave., #2 for Above Asking Price with Our White Glove Services | By Jamie Gaines

For every owner, the listing preparation strategy is different. For this specific owner, the property was occupied for a couple of years before he turned it into a rental property and had tenants occupying the space.  Below, learn how we successfully sold 333 Savin Hill Ave, #2 for above asking price with our white glove services: 

Upon conducting our initial walk-through, we considered selling 333 Savin Hill Ave, #2 while it was tenanted. However, after looking around, we realized to maximize its impact on the market, we really needed to spruce the place up a bit. So we waited until the tenants left. 

Then, we got to work to ensure that the property would shine! The interior and parts of exterior were given fresh coats of paint, enhancing the overall appeal. We invested in professional landscaping to elevate the curb appeal and create a welcoming impression by mowing the grass, new flower beds, and giving the space a new life. We even paid attention to minor details like fixing a floorboard on the wooden stairs to ensure the property was in pristine condition. Lastly, we hired a professional stager to turn the house into a home!  

Paying attention to the details and completing the “touch-up” work before putting a property directly correlates to great success.  

We always offer comprehensive advice on all aspects related to securing the highest possible price for the home. From there we work out what makes sense for your timing and potential returns. 

You have one shot once it hits the market, don’t miss it!