8 November
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Break a Sweat in Boston: The Best Spin Studios | By Jamie Gaines

Over the last few years lifestyle choices have become increasingly prominent aspects of real estate purchasing decisions. One important element of today’s urban lifestyle choice is: how and where do you work out? Are you a boxer, a runner, a swimmer, a yogi, a rackets person or any other physical version of yourself? 


Innovative spin studios have pushed past the “fad” stage and now occupy a definitive position on the hierarchy of workout options. Whether you’re looking for the closest blue bike docking station, space for your Pelotonin your home or boutique spin studios, we’ve got you covered in Boston! Spin classes aren’t like getting on the bike at your local Planet Fitness. If you ask any frequent rider they will be happy to espouse why boutique spin studios have popped up all over the city. These trendy workouts are commonly 45 minutes of high intensity interval training (HIIT) routines to the beat of different genres of music. Each class (and instructor) caters to particular musical styles and influences.  For example, Taylor Swift Tuesdays, Throwback Thursday, Nicki Minaj Fridays, and so many more. This phenomenon that has shown rapid growth is targeted by the social impact of men and women engaging in a healthy lifestyle while still being able to meet new people…

The music is loud, the beat is steady, and the social impact is invigorating!


Back Bay, Prudential

FlyWheel is known for their stadium cycling studios that target high intensity workouts paired with performance tracking metrics for an overall evaluation of every individual rider. This studio is located in the Prudential Center. They offer three different classes, METHOD, POWER, and TEMPO. They are each unique form of HIIT training. 

Price Per Class – $30   | Shoe Rental – Yes, $$  | Shower – YES | Sign up for a Class >


Handle Bar
South Boston, North Station, Fenway, and Cambridge

This studio is by far one of the city’s favorites. With the high intensity classes mixed with upbeat music and outgoing/energetic instructors the riders end every class covered in sweat and smiles.

Price Per Class – $26   | Shoe Rental – Yes, Free  | Shower – NO | Sign up for a Class >


Back Bay, South End, Charlestown and Kendall Square

This studio is known to have the friendliest instructors. They pride themselves on choosing strategic routines that are inviting to all body types. This studio offers challenging cycling and bootcamp classes across the city. Their motto is, “the lights are dim, the music thumps, the experience is fun and exciting.” 

Price Per Class – $23   | Shoe Rental – Yes, Free  | Shower – Yes | Sign up for a Class >


Sub-neighborhood, neighborhood

Ranked the best spin studio in Boston in 2018 B/Spoke is one of the best. They change the way Boston sweats. With 9 different cycling classes to choose from to 2 train classes, this studio will never leave you bored. They have classes ranging from hip-hop, renegade, hot spin rides, open rides, and they are a big advocate for charity rides. This one is a must ride!

Price Per Class – $29   | Shoe Rental – Yes, Free |  Shower – Yes | Sign up for a Class >


Back Bay, Beacon Hill, and Seaport

Soulcycle is one of the biggest studios we have here in Boston. Starting in NYC and expanding to 15 different US states and canada, this studio has it down! The workout is lit by a small amount of light and is run to the beat of uplifting music allowing their riders to open their soul and mind by narrowing their energy on the workout. Their motto, “Soul is more than a workout, it’s a sanctuary.” 

Price Per Class –  $30 | Shoe Rental – Yes, $3 |  Shower – Yes | Sign up for a Class >


Rev’d Indoor Cycling
Copley Place, Back Bay 

This is the newest studio to land in Boston. Opening on November 22nd, 2019 this studio captivates riders by their engaging culture and empowering environment. Their signature class is a 45 minute that focuses solely on the rhythm of the music and how it drives riders to overcome the obstacles of resistance and position. This is your moment. This is your movement. 

Price Per Class – $23   | Shoe Rental – Yes, $3  | Shower – Yes | Sign up for a Class >


We know how important sustaining an active lifestyle is to people, so we go the extra mile to help you find a home that accommodates every aspect of your life!