30 October
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COG Signs on as Title Sponsor of the Greater Boston Platform Tennis League | By Rachel Bakish

Columbus & Over Group is excited to announce that it has been named the  first title sponsor of the Greater Boston Platform Tennis League(GBPTL)! The GBPTL was founded in 1978 and is a member of the American Platform Tennis Association. The GBPTL is made up of six mens divisions plus a flighted division for women. There are at least 17 area clubs that have formed paddle teams and compete in the GBPTL (Black Rock, Brae Burn Country Club, Concord Country Club, Brookline Paddle Club, Dedham Country & Polo Club, Eastern Yacht Club, Essex County Club, Myopia Hunt Club, The Country Club, Wellesley Country Club, Weston Golf Club and others). 

For those who don’t know, platform tennis (also called “paddle” tennis) was derived from tennis in 1928 in New York. Developed as a sport that could be played outdoors during the winter, platform tennis is played with solid paddles and a spongy ball. The GBPTL organizes local leagues and tournaments for 1,400 paddle players who participate in Greater Boston. 

The league plays two seasons throughout the winter months. The first season commences in October and runs through December. The second season runs from January through March. Champions are crowned in each season with English Premier League style promotion and relegation at the conclusion of each season.

Tournaments scheduled for the 2019/2020 season:

  • September 28th – NACC Lakeside (age) 100+
  • October 26th – NACC Lakeside PTI 35+
  • November 16th – Brookline Paddle PTI 25+
  • November 24th – NACC Lakeside PTI 45+
  • December 7th – Brae Burn PTI 10+
  • January 24th – 26th – Boston Open (APTA Grand Prix event)
  • February 1st – Dedham’s Ferocious Forties PTI 45+
  • March 7th – Wellesley’s Weekend Warriors PTI 35+
  • March 28th – APTA Men’s PTI 20+ Nationals (TCC)
  • March 28th – APTA Men’s PTI 35+ Nationals (Scituate)

The league is managed by the GBPTA which is a not for profit 501(c)(7) organization whose mission is to administer and grow the game of paddle in the Greater Boston area.  All GBPTA funds are used towards this mission and all officers of the GBPTA are volunteers.

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