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Digital content is today’s most direct and intimate connection to the consumer. In many real estate firms, much of the marketing function is outsourced to third party vendors who come and go month to month (or even week to week). At COG, we maintain virtually all of our marketing functions in-house and our collaborative team benefits from the consistency and focus that our program delivers.

Our marketing department is tasked with running and operating a dynamic, agency-level firm. Their “customers” are our sales agents and the clients that they serve. Each property is given unique attention to ensure that it can be seen and appreciated by the widest possible audience when the moment is right.

Larger listings and projects require exceptional brand building and creativity. The collaboration that we foster is unique in our industry. We believe in and invest in a team of people who can rely on the unique skills of each other to bring about the best business outcomes for our ultimate buying, selling and renting clients. From high end listing videos worthy of prime time tv spots to viral social media shorts, our aim is to frame luxurious homes in a palpable way that leads to direct connectivity and ongoing engagement.

Our marketing team is available to strategize, compose and ultimately film agents and their properties with uncompromising production quality. This content is published across many different social and digital channels as well as traditional print media when appropriate.


Meet our Marketing Team

Our in-house team prides itself on its accessibility to our agents. We have a 2:1 ratio of sales people to marketing talent which is beyond compare in our industry. Most real estate brokerages would not go below a 5:1 ratio. There are plenty that are easily 10:1 in their sales to marketing ratio. Clients benefit from the explicit focus we have on each and every property that we commit to. Meet the talented individuals who support Columbus & Over Group’s initiatives, pictured from left to right.

Arwen Dema’ala

Hailey Lowenstien 
Lead Videographer

Rachel Bakish 
Head of Marketing

Amandine Sime
Videographer & Editor

Caroline Wienstien
Marketing Associate


Our 2:1 ratio of sales team to marketing team is unprecedented in the industry!


Rachel Bakish leads our marketing department. Whether it’s creating compelling content, understanding customer needs, or staying ahead of market trends, she leads the dynamic team of individuals who are contributing to our company’s various marketing initiatives and working with agents to bolster their brands.


A look into our video program

In 2021 we made a commitment to produce “film quality” videos daily. We hired multiple videographers to join our in-house marketing staff. As a group, we’ve been working to elevate the Real Estate sales experience in Boston by developing highly customized solutions – highlighted by scroll-stopping video content.

The internet tells us that only 9% of real estate agents create listing videos, even though listings with video drive 403% more inbound inquiries. So we’ve leaned into the discovery and aim to keep the cameras rolling as much as possible!

A look behind the lens: Hailey Lowenstein.

As our lead videographer, Hailey has pushed our video and content production platform to new heights, both literally and figuratively! 🚁 From the original, high quality video content for our social media, to luxury listing productions for our clients, she captures each property and each agent at their best everyday.


A birds-eye view: Mac O'Hara

There’s been no limits since Mac brough his talents to COG. From the top of Boston’s most stunning skyscrapers to the shores of idyllic Nantucket, the COG drone has a worldview that beats most. We couldn’t capture all the beauty of our world-class city and state without DJI technology and Mac O’Hara’s incredible prowess with the remote control.


Looking to Join the Team

We are always looking to add new talent to our dynamic team of creatives. So, if you bring something new to the table, please reach out!



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