11 April
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Spring Fever | By Jeff Hamilton

Whoa. Well, the first real spring-like day has hit Boston and the buzz that we expected from the a week of increased inventory is evident on the streets.
Seems like every other person I walked by had a property brochure in their hands. I expect tomorrow to be even crazier as Sunday is traditionally the
bigger open house day.

So, yeah, it’s white hot out there, folks. I hit a half dozen open houses in the South End today and let me tell you it’s good to be a seller. Two of the
properties I was tracking this week went under agreement last night… BEFORE THEIR SCHEDULED WEEKEND OPEN HOUSES.

Put yourself in the seller’s shoes… How good does that initial offer have to be to deter you from seeing what else is out there? Crazy good. Probably
minimum 10% over asking price. And you’d be crazy to accept a financing contingency in that situation so assume all cash.

The bulk of our business at Columbus & Over comes via representing buyers in the South End and as much as we would prefer not to compete against every
other home-starved buyer, we have some tricks up our sleeve to get our clients into the winner’s circle when those competitive offer situations boil
over on Mondays.

If you’re a buyer, start by drafting a letter to each seller you pursue. Tell them who you are and why you want their house specifically. It may not win
you the bid but it’s much more likely to help than to hurt.

Give us a call to chat about other ideas to help you find and buy your dream home in the South End, Back Bay or Midtown/Downtown Crossing.