5 January
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Top Five South End Building Configurations | By Jamie Gaines

What are the different configurations of a south end brownstone? 

Single family: We see a wide variety of single families ranging from as small as 3 levels in total to as large as 6 levels in total. The square footage can range from 1,500 SF to over 5,000 SF.

Two triplexes: These buildings split down the middle between the upper and lower unit. Both units consist of three floors. There can be multiple configurations within a triplex, kitchen vs. bedroom location. The top penthouse commonly has a deck off one of the floors and a roof deck off the top floor. The lower triplex will have a deck off the parlor level and a back patio off the garden level. Would you prefer an upper triplex or lower triplex? Roof deck vs. Patio?

Three duplexes: Penthouse, Parlor duplex, garden duplex. In this configuration, the square footages are split roughly evenly between the three units in the building. We tend to expect the upper two units to trade for a comparable $/SF level while the lower unit trades at a slightly reduced $/SF.

Philly Style Building: There are some buildings that take the split a step farther and divide individual floors between different units. This can allow for units to have different light exposures and layout configurations compared to what is more commonly encountered in brownstone buildings

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