1 December
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Boston Covid-19 Restaurant Closings: Fall 2020 Wrap-up | By Rachel Bakish

The coronavirus is changing the landscape of Boston’s restaurant industry. Earlier in the pandemic Massachusetts Restaurant Association predicted that about 3,600 of Massachusetts’ 16,000 restaurants will not survive, based on reports from the state’s two major food suppliers. 

Currently we’ve seen close to 40 closures in our downtown area. Interestingly, most of these seem to be well-known spots, household names that tend to be mentioned often in the media or in the “best-of” lists offering a higher-end dining experience. Most didn’t have much space to open an outdoor dining alternative or were unable to convert to online ordering seamlessly. Smaller, local shops seem to be making the necessary adjustment and continue the fight to keep their doors open.

Here’s the end of fall update for notable restaurants that have shut down in Boston due to the economic impacts of covid-19. 


Back Bay

The Newbury Street hangout, Cafeteria (279a Newbury Street) serving up American comfort food closed its doors permanently this fall. Cafeteria first opened its doors approximately 13 years ago.


South End 

Gaslight Brasserie (560 Harrison Avenue) in the SoWa area of the South End is now closed. Gaslight is one of two restaurants from The Aquitaine Group that was on Harrison Avenue, with Cinquecento closing earlier this year after being hit by a flood from a water main break. The restaurant group says they are moving off of Harrison Avenue and looking forward to new endeavors in 2021.

House of Siam (592 Tremont Street) closed its doors permanently this fall. The Tremont Street outlet first opened in 2008, ten years after the Columbus Avenue location debuted.


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