25 October
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Café Sauvage Opens in Upper Back Bay | By Rachel Bakish

Café Sauvage has finally opened! Located on Massachusetts Avenue in Boston’s Upper Back Bay, this trendy, all-day café-restaurant serves modern French cuisine reflective of Paris’s multicultural landscape. The opening menu offers lunch throughout the week and brunch over the weekend – two meals the Back Bay desperately needs more options for. Although the space is small, the food is packed with incredible flavor and boasts an unconventional flair. Let’s dive in: 

  • Let’s start with the most important thing, The Fries: (If you had to judge a Parisian style bistro on one thing, it would have to be the fries!) Crisp and generously doused in truffle oil, the fries at Café Sauvage are top tier– perhaps some of the best in Boston. A 10/10, must try!
  • Lunch Sandwich, Banh Mi: Café Sauvage puts a French twist on a traditionally Vietnamese sandwich. Made with pork and pickled vegetables, the Banh Mi is flavorful and filling! It’s the perfect work week lunch!
  • Lunch Sandwich, Jambon: Café Sauvage makes a serious ham sandwich! (Seriously, there is SO  much ham on this sandwich!) The goat butter adds a nice, delicate complexity.  It’s the perfect lunch for any ham lover!
  • Weekend Brunch, Sauvage Burger: The Sauvage Burger is a decadent treat. Café Sauvage tops its burgers with raclette; this traditional method of melting cheese on the block and then scraping it directly onto the burger brings the Alps to Boston. The burger is buttery and perfectly cooked. Served with truffle fries,  this meal is truly perfection!
  • Weekend Brunch, Avocado Toast: I’ve never had avocado toast like this before! Topped with frisee, pickled mustard seeds, and an earl grey tea egg (I also added smoked salmon), the avocado toast is over-the-top. If you are looking for an unconventional avocado toast, this is something worth trying.
  • Featured Drink, Bissap: This popular West African drink hinges around the flavors of Hibiscus. It’s very sweet, refreshing, and worth a try if you are in the mood for a non-caffeinated beverage.  


Additionally, Café Sauvage is currently  working on obtaining a liquor license, so hopefully we can expect even more amazing things from this spot soon!


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