6 August
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Differentiating Between the Most Popular Kitchen Marbles | By Alice Markson

When it comes to marble countertops in the kitchen the experts suggest using white based marbles. Though marble comes in a range of colors, marble reacts
to acid (think lemons, wine and tomatoes!) which can cause unsightly damage to the stone. A “reaction” occurs when acid contacts the stone, typically
turning a whitish color. Hence, selecting a predominately white marble in the kitchen is a conservative bet, particularly if you like to cook and/or
entertain in the kitchen.

The three most frequently used marbles, Carrara, Calacatta, and Statuario are all from the Carrara region of Italy. So how does one tell the difference?

Carrara, the least expensive of the bunch tends to be grayer and has soft wispy veins.

Calacatta, is much brighter white with larger contrasting veins. The veins can range in color from gold-brown to gray. This marble is more expensive
than Carrara.

Statuario, is the marble that many of the most famous statues were carved from. This marble is also bright white with bold, dark gray veins. Statuario
does not have the same color variation as Calacatta. Considering “The David” was carved from this material, it is no surprise that it’s also the most

All three have distinct personalities and create different effects in kitchen. As long as you’re okay with caring for your marble kitchen countertop, you
can’t go wrong with these options.