3 November
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Fall Condo Cleanup | By Kerry D'Ambroise

We all know spring cleaning, but the fall is another good time to freshen up our spaces. As temperatures drop and we prepare to spend more time inside the home, there are many things we can do –especially in smaller Boston condos– to make them more comfortable. Here are some fall cleaning tips to make sure your space is ready for the season:


  1. Flip your closets. As temperatures drop, it’s out with swimsuits and flip-flops and in with the sweaters and booties! When you don’t have lots of closet space, it’s important to make the items you’re using easily accessible. 
  2. Winterize the deck. As warm nights come to a close, Sweep your deck clean. Piles of leaves and clutter on the corners of your deck can trap moisture in and promote rot. Taking care of it now will help make the transition to spring more seamless. 
  3. Check your gutters! As leaves fall, building gutters can get clogged. Have your HOA make sure that these are being maintained. Backed up gutters can lead to leaks, possibly causing longer term water damage. 
  4. Sweep the chimney. Safety first! If your condo has a working fireplace, have it checked. Then it’s time to spend those long, cozy nights curled up by the fire.


Fall is the perfect time to prepare for those stormy New England winters. Let’s stay ready together!