13 August
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Get to know the Golden Triangle | By Jeff Hamilton

The Golden Triangle is one of the most desirable sub neighborhoods within Boston’s ever popular South End. Bounded by Tremont Street, Dartmouth Street,
Berkeley Street and, well, the Mass Pike, this area forms a geometrically relevant equilateral triangle on the map.

To most Golden Triangle residents, it’s the location within the city that makes it so appealing. The access from its quaint streets to larger commercial
areas in both the Back Bay and the South End is superb. Though predominantly a residential area, there are a handful of fine local food and beverage
options in the Golden Triangle that are worth highlighting.

  • Deluxe, a cash-only dive bar, has sneaky great food! Duck in during
    colder months for the cozy, neighborhood feel.
  • Wink and Nod is one of only a few speakeasy type options
    in Boston. This lower level haunt has a high end build out and a huge bar that belies the little entrance at the front. Rotating cuisine/menu options
    keep it original each time you go.
  • Appleton Cafe is a great stop for coffee and/or a sandwich
    at lunch. On the corner of Dartmouth and Appleton Street, it’s literal right of passage to stop in for those traveling the Dartmouth corridor from
    the Back Bay into the South End or vice versa.
  • The Buttery, a South End favorite on Union Park, has
    a smaller outpost on Clarendon Street in the midst of the Golden Triangle. If you live in the GT, it’s nice not to have to walk to Union Park each
    time you need your fix from the Buttery.
  • Coda, on the corner of Columbus Ave and Chandler Street, serves a great burger and
    a well curated beer list. Their food is great and the vibe is casual making it the type of place that one could frequent more than once per week.

Perhaps to be expected, homes in the Golden Triangle are in high demand. Out of 435 South End sales to date in 2018, 75 of them were in the Golden Triangle.
That equates to about 17 percent of the market. Impressively, homes marketed in the Golden Triangle this year have spent 23 percent fewer days on market
than properties in the rest of the South End according to MLS statistics (30 days on market versus 39 days). Finally, the average price per square
foot for the broader South End is $1,055, but the Golden Triangle’s average price per foot is an even healthier $1,102 (4.5 percent premium).

Let us know if you have questions about this special neighborhood. Whether you’re looking to break into the area or market your home to the next lucky
buyer, we’d love to discuss it with you.