1 February
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Moving Day: From Savin Hill to… | By Jamie Gaines

Why am I moving?

I bought a home in Savin Hill in Dorchester a year ago. I absolutely loved the area. It is located over the bridge near the tennis courts, the beach, the walk trail & most importantly the soon to be BEAT building. 

Although I loved the home itself, I had always envisioned it being an investment property. So I have now adopted the named landlord and will move to a new chapter of my life! I’m not too worried, more excited! I have added a door to the dining room in my house to convert it back to a true 3 bedroom to optimize the value of the home.


Making this transition to landlord meant I had one more question to answer. While I found my next property, where was I going to live?!

I started looking for a full service amenity building. This type of product stood out ot me because I don’t foresee a time in my life that I will have another chance to live in a full service building and right now I felt like this kind of building would fit my lifestyle. I’m constantly on the go whether it be for work or my personal life and having a safe/secure building where I don’t have to worry about packages being stolen, where I could easily park my car when I got home from late showings was exciting to me. Having a gym in my building was important to me too. 



So I turned to the Seaport.

With amazing running routes, fun community activities (like seaport sweat in the summer) this area felt like it could become home. Many of my favorite restaurants & bars were here: Lola 42, bar taco, davios, legal seafood deck in the summer! Plus, I had the opportunity to get in on the investment side for a new bar coming soon! I’m super excited to have this bar one block away!! 

I specifically picked the nema because it is the newest apartment building in the area. It has the best amenity spaces (for a rental building), has technology driven initiatives, awesome work spaces and the gym is absolutely stunning!

Who knows what the future holds but I’m super excited to take advantage of this full service amenity style life in the meantime as I begin my search in buying a condo in a brownstone building!