3 August
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Nathálie Wine Bar Opens in Fenway | By Rachel Bakish

Nathálie Wine Bar, the latest in a stellar lineup of dining options in the Fenway neighborhood,
is now open on the ground floor of the Pierce Boston. Sister to Haley.Henry in Downtown Crossing, Nathálie’s feminine vibe is not frilly or pink. The concept stems from the modern definition
of feminism: strong, edgy and empowered. Following this concept the selection of by-the-glass wines are all from female wine producers.

We visited the opening to try some of their food and taste their signature cocktails.

Small Plates

Corn Bisque

This delicious creamy bisque made with pimenton, Jonah crab, and herbs aims to highlight the delicious taste of fresh crab. Featuring this ingredient
gives the dish a distinct New England taste.

House Mezze Plate

The Mezze Plate came with a variety of spreads and fresh pita served warm. The hummus and pickled vegetable paste were the most notable. The hummus
had a granular texture and was topped with crispy chickpeas, the mild taste was an easy crowd pleaser. The pickled vegetable paste had a more polarizing
reaction. However, if one enjoys the taste of vinegar this would be quite good.

Wasik’s Cheese Plate

With enough cheese to go around, Wasik’s Cheese Plate did not disappoint. However, the highlight of this dish has to be the homemade fig jam. The
spread is not too sweet, like one is traditionally accustomed too, but instead possesses an earthy quality that sets it apart in its category.



Nate Lite

Leveraging the strength of the grapefruit, Nate Lite is a bitter cocktail but rings with the fresh homemade taste Nathálie’s will be known for.

Italian Pinata

Designed to compliment the bitter Nate Lite the Italian Pinata highlights the sweet notes in pineapple. A pleasant aftertaste kept the beverage from
becoming too sweet to finish.


Made with Rosé Gin and a house made tonic this drink is served pink. You can taste the difference in a house made tonic, elevating the beverage
beyond the classic format. Overall, this twist was a welcome change to a classic cocktail.

With a small outdoor patio to be open during the warmer months and the possibility of weekend lunch hours we are excited to see Nathálie become a staple
in the Fenway neighborhood.