9 November
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Rental Data 2020 – 2022 | By Jamie Gaines

Boston’s rental housing market has been scorching hot for the majority of the year. It is impossible to predict the future but here are some of our thoughts for the near future in the rental market horizon.

Boston remains a top tier city where companies are relocating employees to Boston or opening offices/headquarters here. Therefore, those employees moving for work are a growing statistic helping fuel the rental demand. Many consumers relocating tend to rent first and buy later to familiarize themselves with the area.

Some of the most of the desired locations in Boston are historic. The historic charm is both what makes these units desirable and what makes their supply limited. Ultimately, while Boston’s rental market has shocked many around the area, especially this year, the city’s demand appears unflappable through year end.

We continue to watch the market closely and are anticipating a modest price increase, to follow suit in quarter four. While the real estate market in general remains stable we want to emphasize there are always exceptions and options to find suitable housing at lower prices, for those who run “comprehensive process with an agent on your side!