20 April
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The Charlesgate Neighborhood is Beginning to Bloom | By Rachel Bakish

It’s no secret that parks have a dramatic effect on property value.

The Charlesgate Alliance, an advocacy group launched in 2017 to bring positive change to the Charlesgate neighborhood, has been gaining momentum in 2018.
The neighborhood’s upswing is driven by a demographic shift away from temporary residents toward a stable and committed population of owner-occupants.
To further this positive change in the neighborhood, the Charlesgate Alliance is working to revitalize the area under and around the Bowker Overpass.
These 18 acres act as the unofficial dividing line between the Back Bay and the Kenmore/Fenway neighborhoods of Boston. The goals of the Charlesgate
Alliance extend beyond beautifying the area; they also aim to celebrate the rich history of the neighborhood by revitalizing the Frederick Law Olmsted
park in Boston.

Landing Studio is the architectural firm hired by Charlesgate Alliance and the Emerald Necklace Conservancy,
in conjunction with the Department of Conservation and Recreation, to develop concept designs for enhancements to the Charlesgate area. These efforts
will raise the value of neighboring real estate as this vastly underutilized landscape transitions into a beautiful (and functional) green space. Here
you can see some of the concept drawings by Landing Studio.

Looking through the park from Storrow Drive, Eastbound Ramp Area. Existing conditions on left, proposed landscape on right.

Active area from Beacon Street, looking south. Existing conditions on left, proposed landscape on right.

Dog park on the southern end. Existing conditions on left, proposed landscape on right.

The Charlesgate Alliance is off to a successful start and has already received their first grant to be used for tree pruning in the Charlesgate area. This
came from the Fenway Park Demonstration Project and is administered by the Boston Planning and Development Agency.

Joining together to connect the neighborhoods of Back Bay, Fenway and Kenmore Square

The Charlesgate Alliance is hosting a Cocktail Party on April 28th called Charlesgate in Bloom. Please join them for a memorable evening in The Ayer Mansion at 395 Commonwealth Avenue. Charlesgate in Bloom will feature wine, signature cocktails, hors-d’oeuvres, and music by a local harpist. A Tom Brady
Autographed Football, U2 concert tickets to their sold-out concert, and a private tour of the Ayer Mansion for up to 10 people will be available for
raffle during the event. Please come to join in celebrating the successes of the Charlesgate Alliance. RSVP is required for this event on Eventbrite on or before 4/28.

To learn more visit their website at