7 July
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The spine of the Back Bay and South End – St. Botolph Neighborhood | By Jeff Hamilton

Boston’s diverse neighborhoods have never been short on personality or distinct appeal… unique characteristics which are jointly contested and celebrated.
At COG, we prefer to focus on micro-locales, sub-neighborhoods, and will often attempt to highlight these “hyper-localities” through our blog. 

Tucked neatly between Boston’s South End and Back Bay, the St. Botolph neighborhood is bound by Huntington Avenue, Copley Place, the Southwest Corridor
Park and Massachusetts Avenue. It stretches 8 blocks east to west, bookended by Northeastern University and the Prudential Center. Technically, St.
Botolph is considered part of Back Bay, at least according to the parking tickets one might receive without a resident permit sticker in the area.
Practically, homeowners here enjoy equal access to Boston’s most prominent shopping area (Back Bay) and the many restaurants of the South End all while
enjoying an unusual serenity within the city. 

The roughly 1,300 residents of St. Botolph are a demographically diverse group of professionals and families with an average age of 37 years old. The housing
stock in St. Botolph is comprised primarily of historic brownstone properties with a few more modern condo buildings also in play. St. Botolph is mostly
devoid of commercial enterprise but its short residential streets are so closely connected to the major thoroughfares of Columbus Ave and Huntington
Ave that residents do not lose any convenience accessing their favorite shops and restaurants. Praised for its location, architecture, community, and
family friendly environment, the St. Botolph neighborhood is cherished by many as a premier destination to live in Boston.

The 19 condos sold in St. Botolph in the last 6 months spent an average of only 25 days on the market before an offer, with 2 going under agreement in
less than a week. A hot market indeed! The average price per square foot in the neighborhood was $970, slightly below the pricier Back Bay, $1,094/SF,
and a little above the average in the South End, $844/SF, during the six month cycle.

As of 6/7/15, the St. Botolph neighborhood is offering only 6 residential properties for sale (according to the MLS). Opportunities to purchase in the
neighborhood as of today include:


  • 38-40 St. Botolph – Studio style condo, 237 square feet, $289,000
  • 16 Harcourt Street- 2 bed/2 bath Condo, 1,100 square feet, $979,000
  • 11 Durham St – 2 bed/2 bath Condo, 1,221 square feet, $1,150,000
  • 63 St. Botolph, Unit 6 – 2 bed/2 bath Condo, 1,309 square feet, $1,349,000
  • 61 St. Botolph, Unit 1 – 3 bed/2.5 bath Condo, 2,124 square feet, $1,929,000
  • 20 Follen St – 5 bed/3.5 bath Single Family, 3,113 square feet $3,295,000


Looking ahead, new development is on the horizon immediately across Huntington Avenue at the Christian Science Plaza. There, a Four Seasons tower will
rise 60 stories and promises to be one of the most luxurious condo properties in Boston when it opens in 2017. This development, along with ancillary
dealings, will likely bring increased value to the St. Botolph corridor in the years to come.

Columbus & Over Group is your hyper-local expert on the St. Botolph Neighborhood. Let us know if we can help you find a way in.